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As a social service agency, RAICES recognizes the importance, and places great value on applying innovative and creative strategies in order to keep cultural and linguistic competent services in the community.  



RAICES was founded in 1978 by retired Hispanic older adults who saw the need for an organization which would provide services, educate and organize the Latino, minority and low-income aging community in the borough of Brooklyn.  


RAICES’ mission is to respond to the unmet needs of the Latino, African-American and low-income community and seeks to improve their quality of life through advocacy and the direct provision of targeted services with work across the generations and a particular emphasis on the needs of older adults. 

Here's our message to you.

Letter from Our Executive Director



As the Executive Director of RAICES, I know first-hand the commitment with which our staff and Board of Directors approach their daily work of not only changing lives but undoubtedly extending them as well.  I join my team in remaining steadfast and dedicated to the ideals cemented in our mission and I am committed to applying best practices and evidenced-based approaches to the manner in which we provide services to our participants. 


It is truly an exciting time for the organization as we poise ourselves to create strategic transitions and partnerships that will continue to create innovative programmatic solutions to the needs of our participants.  We are committed to continuing to be the leading experts on the aging agenda from both a cultural and linguistic perspective.

Acknowledging the visionary spirit of our founders, we continue to honor the dedication and commitment with which our older adults approach their personal health and wellness needs and the manner in which they inspire each other at the respective senior centers they attend.  They undoubtedly embody the mission and vision of RAICES. 


Friends, both old and new, thank you for your unwavering support in servicing our older adults as we applaud them for their determination to be seen and heard as they age gracefully, purposefully, and passionately. 


In gratitude,

Lisette Sosa-Dickson, LCSW

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