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Meeting The Special Needs of Minority and Low Income Older Adults

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Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES
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Dear Friends,

The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES ("RAICES") began in 1978 as a grass-roots advocacy organization with no paid staff or direct services.  The organization has blossomed into a multi-service agency providing services to targeted communities in Brooklyn, Queens and the NYC area.  The services offered provide a continuum including Information and Referral, Senior Centers, Elder Abuse Prevention, Adult Social Day Services, Grandparent Support Groups, Immigration Services, Food Stamps and Entitlement Access Services, Nutrition and Health Education, Mental Health Services and Alzheimer's Support Groups.    On an annual basis our programs serve more than 12,000 low income older adults and their families.

Unfortunately, there are still many needs that are unmet.  We face the challenge of providing services to an increasing number of low income older adults and an environment in which many older people still go to bed hungry, cold and unsure of what the next day may bring. 

During These Difficult and Trying Economic Times, everyone is affected.
We’re no different and we have not been immune to the impact of the market. We believe that these anxious times call for patience and a disciplined, long-term perspective. It is not easy, but it is prudent. The effect of the economic downturn has had an impact in our fund raising efforts in 2012 and perhaps beyond. Yet, as a community based organization we will remain - in perpetuity - a constant source of support for the seniors and disabled individuals that we serve, throughout New York City in good times and in bad.

These are anxious times... Now more than ever, your support is needed.
You can assist in making a difference.  With your support we can continue to strengthen our current programs and expand and develop new programs and services that are free of cultural and language barriers and meet the needs of under served communities.

Thank you for your support.
Director of Development