Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES
Meeting The Special Needs of Minority and Low Income Older Adults


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460 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Tel.        718-643-0232
Fax.       718-596-6655
Web.     www.Raices.US
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Nancy Talavera, MD

Concha Mendoza, MD, F.A.C.P.
Vice Chairperson

Rose Gaynus
Ramon Raimundi
José Labrador
Edwin Salas




José R. Ortiz Ortiz, LCSW
Executive Director

Yvonne Cotto
Associate Director

Suyapa O. Blanco, MSW
Deputy Director

Lisette Sosa-Dickson, LCSW
Clinical Director




Olga Oukacine
Raíces Astoria Senior Center
Raíces Corona Senior Center

Rosemary L. Bland, MSW
Raíces Times Plaza Senior Center

Alexandra Rodriguez-Canizare
Red Hook Senior Center

Blanca Morocho-Ramirez
Wyckoff Gardens Senior Center



The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES shall respond to the unmet needs of Hispanic, Black, and low-income families and shall seek to improve their quality of life through advocacy and the direct provision of targeted services with work across the generations and a particular emphasis on the needs of older adults.


The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES ("RAICES") is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization incorporated in New York State, and first developed as a volunteer advocacy senior citizen council in 1978 by retired Hispanic senior citizens who saw the need for an organization which would provide services, educate and organize the Latino, minority and low income aged.  One of the Council's major accomplishments was the development in 1985 of RAICES (Roots), a model program on how to reach and serve Hispanic older adults.  Through RAÍCES, the Council has been able to disseminate information on successful practices and techniques for serving the isolated, hard to reach, inner city, and impoverished elderly.

The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES developed an "ethnic ramp" concept towards improving access to services.  In this model, culturally sensitive and bilingual services are used as tools to improve access and increase utilization of services, benefits and entitlements for the aged.  The Council has also organized educational and cultural activities.

The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES' expertise in outreach services, information dissemination, cross-cultural training and services to Hispanic and other low-income communities is widely acknowledged with in the aging network. The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES experienced many achievements and milestones.  The corporation sponsors six Congregate Senior Centers, a Social Adult Day Services Program, Support Groups for Grandparents, numerous Access and Entitlement programs, English as a Second Language Courses, Healthy & Secure Computer Training classes, Recreation and Educational activities, Cultural celebrations, Case Management, Transportation and a Licensed Outpatient Mental Health Clinic.

The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES is proud of both our achievements in programming and services delivery, as well as, our administrative capacity and internal controls.  Over 90% of total revenues received are dedicated to direct programming cost.  The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES has continued to develop and provide services to underserved communities throughout Brooklyn and Queens.  RAICES provides assistance to over 12,000 (unduplicated) individuals on an annual basis.  This is possible through the efforts and hard work of a supportive dedicated staff.


Homero Rosado (1913-1992) was the founder and past president of the Spanish Speaking Elderly Council.  His legacy and spirit lives on in the organization which he fashioned and inspired for fourteen years.  Mr. Rosado migrated to New York City from Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1932.  He served in the U.S. military during World War II and received the Bronze Star for Valor.  Homero led many organizations and was involved in numerous activities on behalf of the community.